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Chiropractor Monroeville PA Dr. Brad Schaffer

Two things you should have noticed so far.
1. I’m a pretty confident guy.
2. I’m a pretty confident guy!

No…not a typo. It is IMPORTANT to me that you know how serious I take my profession…and how DEDICATED I am to my passion of HELPING OTHERS!

I feel strongly about what I do…and my patient testimonials…that I wanted to make sure you read this page. It is designed to give you a glimpse as to WHO you will “TRUST” with your pain and health issues.

Yes…this will be a different approach.

But….this approach is ALL ABOUT YOUR RESULTS!

I did NOT want a dull…boring Chiropractor website that had too many big words and a bunch of text that you would probably not read. You are at this site….because you are in PAIN and you’re feeling like crap! Yes…I used the word “crap”! THAT’S HOW YOU FEEL!

Pain isn’t described as having raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens! It HURTS…and headaches and backaches and body aches ADVERSELY AFFECT YOUR LIFE! If this wasn’t the case…you wouldn’t be searching for a new Chiropractor!

My approach to all of this…is to let you know that I am JUST LIKE YOU. I look like you…I talk like you…I don’t think I’m better than you…and I have also “hurt” like you. I know what it’s like to be where you are. Of all the things I am….the one that should be most important to you right now….is…..I’m a results-oriented guy.

If I am participating in a sport…I want to be the best…and I do everything I can to excel at whatever I do….whether it is sports….relationship building…personal achievement…and how I treat those I come in contact with.

I chose to become a Chiropractor because I was one who HAD pain issues when I was young. I know ALL about feeling like crap…and HOPING for relief.

I also know about SKEPTICISM! I became a Chiropractor….because it was a PASSION of mine…and I can assure you that I have put my heart and my soul and my brain into being the best I can be.

I study…and I study more…then I read…and I read some more….and I stay on top of this profession…making sure I can provide YOU….MY PATIENT…with the absolute BEST POSSIBLE advice and techniques regarding YOUR pain and discomfort.

So yes…this is a different approach…and you usually don’t read text such as this on a Chiropractor site. But…I’m not like many of the others. I’m just like you. I’m the guy next door. But I’m also the guy who for a LONG time….has been SILENCING the SKEPTICS who “thought” that they’d simply “have to live with the pain and discomfort”. Then…they heard about me.

They saw me….and now….they are ON MY TESTIMONIALS page…letting YOU know that you can TRUST me with your particular problem. So…that’s how I want to approach this page…and my desire to see YOU on that testimonial page. No big…fancy words… confusing charts. You don’t care about that. I care about those words….because it’s my profession! But I know what you are most concerned with. And that is…….

“Can this guy REALLY help with my pain and discomfort” ??

Did you see the confidence I had on the video above? That’s the real me. I AM confident…because I KNOW what’s about to happen…once you make that important step to contact me.

As I said in that video……….you would LOVE to be on my testimonials page. If you were… wouldn’t be HERE right now….in pain…and “wondering”. So…my simple challenge to you ??? How simple is this?

When the PAIN gets bad…CALL DR. Brad!

I look forward to EXCEEDING your expectations!

Doctor Brad Schaffer is a chiropractor at Schaffer Chiropractic in Monroeville, PA. He is Board Certified, licensed in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Dr. Brad graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College with honors. He completed his undergraduate studies at Penn State University. Dr. Brad has been in practice for over 25 years. He is a resident of Monroeville.

Dr. Brad has extensive post-graduate studies on trigger point therapy and motor vehicle injuries. He is also a Member of FOCUS (Fountain of Chiropractic UnderStanding).


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